Hello, my name is Alexis, I’m from La Coruña, I spend my time mixXxing rock noise and having fun with my wonderful gf, the photography and the design are my passions and I love to make crazy projects with important friends like Backstreet Merchandise International (London/New York), Von Hammett (San Francisco), Ralph The Rex (amazing Rex that is kicking America right now, it appeared on Good Morning America, an 29 millions of views in some videos … ) and cool things like these.

Other passions that I love are the Surf (bodyboard) and the rock, for this reason I love to go gigs and shoot all things related with this amazing world: concerts, picks, passes, style (my gf loves this lifestyle too), road … is great when you travel around the world with your favourite band, Metallica.

I try that my photography style be different, a style where you will see all elements but the composition says you where you should see.


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